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Dr. Tania Bazzani

Researcher at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin – Marie Curie Fellowship


Currently Dr. Bazzani is carrying out the EU Project, Horizon 2020: »The implementation of the EU employment policies in Germany, Italy and Denmark«.

Supervisor of the Project: Prof. Reinhard Singer.

The research project aims to analyse the legal implementation/adaptation (i./a.) of the flexicurity strategy - with regard to active and passive LMPs - in three Member States: Germany, Italy and Denmark. These Member States are representative of three different kinds of social security systems in EU, (Continental, Mediterranean and Nordic systems), and for this reason the research outcomes will be relevant for the member states, which belong to these systems, and for the EU as a whole, as a comparative research project.

The legal i./a. will be analysed throughout an innovative inter/multidisciplinary approach focused on widening the labour law perspective throughout an applicative analysis (labour economics) and an analysis of the constitutional rights involved (constitutional law and political philosophy).By highlighting different processes of legal i./a. of the active and passive LMPs in the considered member states, the research will contribute to increase the effectiveness of the EU employment policies in order to achieve adequate level of social security protection and activation possibilities for the EU citizens. Thus, the project aims to formulate Employment Policy Suggestions, which can be deduced from the empirical analysis outcomes, considering also other potential approaches to integrate the /flexicurity/ strategy.


Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Tania Bazzani

Conference European Employment Policies: current challenges - Active and Passive labour market policies in EU 

at the 23th September 2016. Click here


Sommersemester 2016

Workshop am 24. Juni 2016 > Programm


 VL 10655 European Labour Law

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